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solanco p.3

Since a large part of The Netherlands lies below sealevel,
you can imagine that there is quite some flooding
and fighting against the water!

This is the weapon or ICON of
the Province of ZEELAND
the DELTA area
south of HOLLAND
in The Netherlands.

This is a map of the DELTA
which is at the mouth of
three major rivers
one of which is the RHINE,
coming in from the East (=right).

You see a dozen or so islands
surrounded by water (green).
Separating each island from the
water is a DIKE

You also see a set of structures
between the fresh water (green]
and the North Sea (at the left];
each of these is a DAM.

So, to summarize:

DIKES are along
the water
DAMS are across...

The next page will show a cross-section ot the situation,
which represents another way of looking at things than a map.
(like at 90 degrees vertical]

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