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on which I sailed

[Aircraft Carrier : "Karel Doorman", Royal Netherlands Navy, Mediterranean, 1950]
[Destroyer: "van Kinsbergen", Royal Netherlands Navy , New Guinea, 1952]
R.V. "Chain 13", WHOI, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Baltic Sea, 1960
R.V. "Spencer Baird", SIO, Baja California, 1961
R.V. "Horizon" , SIO and R.V. "Umitaka Maru", Japanese Submarine Canyons, 1961 the "New Horizon"
the new "Umitaka Maru"

M.V. "Xhosa Coast", "Klipbok" and "Rockeater", OSESA/De Beers, Diamonds off Southern Africa, 1963/5
R.V. "Arctic Seal", Texas Instruments/USN, Sound Velocity Studies, Portugal, Azores, Norway, 1966
R.V. "Catamaran", R.V. "Lydia B" , R.V. "Annandale", TMSC, Middle Atlantic Coast, 1967/1976
R.V. "Chagaramas", R.V. "Zodiak", IMA/UNDP, Trinidad and Tobago, 1980/1982

The Dutch Aircraft Carrier: "Karel Doorman", 1950

The South African R.V."Xhosa Coast", 1964

The R.V."Rockeater", 1965/7

The R.V."Annandale", 1971/6
AHOY, DAD! Let's not forget our ZODIAC!
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